Intelligent Automation

At CDIT, we understand the challenges faced by companies in paper-intensive industries such as banking, title and escrow, and other industries. Just receiving, classifying and front-end processing of these documents alone is daunting and riddled with inefficiencies. Automated document classification and data extraction can reduce costs, increase productivity and push document processing to its optimal state. CDIT can help accelerates business processes by replacing manual document classification, separation and extraction with touchless processing, speeding you along on your digital workflow transformation journey.

Transition your organization from image-based data-entry to one that is Content-Centric Workflow Transformation


Automate the understanding of any document type and the data on those documents for later processing or storage. Realize efficiencies in document capture processes and avoid costly integrations through the efficient capture, indexing and routing of documents and data from any document.

Document Imaging

  • Scanner hardware devices from the top scanner vendors
  • Image-enhancement software to ensure each image scanned is of optimal image quality
  • Scanning or importing of documents (paper or electronic) in the most efficient way possible from any location
  • Intelligent Transformation

  • Structured Forms Processing
  • Unstructured/Semi-structured document processing
  • Automated Document Classification and Separation
  • Collection of indexing information, either manually (data entry) or electronically (bar codes, OCR or ICR)
  • Validation to enter/correct metadata or extracted data to ensure accuracy
  • Automated routing of each document and/or metadata to the respective ERP, Document Management, Workflow or other line-of-business application
  • Intelligent Automation Benefits

    "Intelligent automation empowers businesses to extract valuable insights from unstructured data and accelerate decision-making processes, driving operational efficiency, reducing costs, and improving customer experiences."

  • Increase productivity and accelerate business processes by removing the need for manual document classification, separation and extraction.
  • Process more transactions easily and efficiently and improve the flow of information throughout your organization.
  • Monitor system performance, gather detailed information regarding classification and recognition rates and view stats per user, field, document type and average over user selectable time periods through powerful reporting and auditing.
  • Improve data quality by enabling data validation capabilities to seamlessly handle any document type and ensure extracted information is correct before it’s used by business systems. The result is fewer customer queries and more accurate and timely decision making.
  • Enhance customer engagement by providing instant data display from captured documents on any device. Enables self-service, resulting in shorter turnaround times and faster customer onboarding and servicing.
  • Intelligent Automation enables you to transform your document capture process and provide your clients with exceptional customer service. If you're ready to take your document processing to the next level, we invite you to get in touch with us and see Intelligent Automation in action.

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