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QuickTemplate is a productivity module for TotalAgility which offers a user-friendly alternative, empowering end-users to swiftly and effortlessly configure dynamic templates directly from the workspace. It enables the configuration of dynamic templates containing process data, resource information, and other pertinent details.


QuickTemplate comes complete with two user interfaces: 

The Administrator Interface: for power users/administrators to configure and preview templates. 

  • View all templates available in TotalAgility by Category
  • “Hook” TotalAgility processes to the respective templates
  • Map template fields to process related variables, Text Constants, Resource Properties or Dynamic Values
  • Apply business logic to variables to dynamically generate field values
  • Leverage AI to generate text values based on process variables (Coming Soon) 
  • Preview populated templates with available live jobs in real-time

A sample optional End-User Interface: to demonstrate how end users can interact with configured templates within a TotalAgility process to generate templated documents on-demand for communication with clients/suppliers/partners.

  • View all templates available in TotalAgility by Category
  • Generate template documents with specific job data
  • Preview populated templates in real-time
  • Save generated template documents locally, or email them as attachments


Simplicity and Ease of Use: QuickTemplate simplifies the template generation process, allowing users to configure templates effortlessly within the TotalAgility workspace interface WITHOUT the need for TotalAgility Designer access! 

Time Savings: By reducing the time spent on template setup and configuration, QuickTemplate boosts productivity and accelerates document generation, enabling faster decision-making and enhanced operational efficiency.

Flexibility and Customization: With support for multiple dynamic template configurations, users have the flexibility to tailor document templates to specific use cases, ensuring alignment with diverse business requirements.

Improved Accuracy: By automating the template generation process, QuickTemplate minimizes the risk of errors and inconsistencies, enhancing the accuracy and reliability of generated documents.

  1. End user template configuration…no need for TotalAgility Designer access!
    • Word templates can be created/updated as required and brought into TotalAgility by end users
    • Template mappings can be modified quickly and easily without TotalAgility designer
    • Configure template merge fields as static, dynamic, resource properties or job variables without the need to create a process that duplicates this data
    • Test/Preview template output using any job in the system without needing to run the process
  2. Document generation from templates not limited to just from TotalAgility processes
    • Once templates are configured, documents can be generated from templates from any TotalAgility form, business rules, etc. 

Template configuration in TotalAgility without QuickTemplate:

  • Limited to generating documents in a process; cannot use TotalAgility forms, business rules, etc.
  • Mapping of merge fields at design-time; cannot update dynamically.
  • Any subsequent updates must be done again in designer, and released. Old jobs will not update, unless job upgrader is used.
  • Cannot use resource properties, unless this information is specifically pulled back to the TotalAgility job/process.
  • Cannot use simple static text or dynamic values (Dates, Day, Month, Year, etc.) without specifically setting up this information in the TotalAgility process, further complicating the TA process with junk variables.
  • To generate a document, you must have a live job in the system. 
  • Cannot runtime generate documents unless you provide users the ability to create new jobs. Even then, the job must run through to the document generation node before a document can be displayed.
  • There is no easy way to preview the template generation result.
  • To use different templates within a TotalAgility process, branching rules would need to be created inside the process.

PDFixIt is designed to identify and remedy oversized PDF files that are passed to TotalAgility, safeguarding your document processes from potential disruptions. PDFixIt ensures a smooth workflow within TotalAgility, preventing issues that may arise from the presence of excessively large files.


The PDFixit utility seamlessly addresses the challenge of oversized PDF files within the context of TotalAgility by employing an intelligent and automated approach to resizing. Specifically designed as an add-on for TotalAgility versions 7.8 and above, the utility efficiently detects oversized pages within PDF documents on a page-by-page basis.

Leveraging advanced algorithms, it then resizes these pages to their nearest logical paper size, such as A4, Letter, Legal, etc. This ensures that the PDFs integrated into TotalAgility processes remain compliant with standard formats, preventing issues, errors, and job suspensions.


The value proposition of the PDFixit utility lies in its ability to significantly reduce time wastage, eliminate manual processes, and minimize IT involvement. By seamlessly integrating into existing TotalAgility processes, the utility becomes an integral part of the workflow, automatically addressing oversized PDFs without requiring manual intervention.

This not only enhances operational efficiency but also restores peace of mind to the TotalAgility solution users, allowing them to focus on core tasks without the worry of document size discrepancies causing disruptions.

In summary, PDFixit offers a streamlined and automated solution to handling oversized PDFs, contributing to a more efficient and hassle-free TotalAgility experience.

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