Logistics Management

At CDIT, we understand the challenges faced by companies in the logistics and transportation industry, particularly when it comes to managing complex document capture processes and streamlining processes. Transport Logistics can transform their document capture process, streamline operations, and provide clients with exceptional customer service by using Tungsten TotalAgility and Tungsten RPA. With these software solutions, they can easily track the status of documents, assign tasks, and collaborate with team members to ensure timely and accurate processing.

Logistics Management Solutions

Tungsten TotalAgility provides complete visibility into each stage of the document capture process, so Transport Logistics can make informed decisions and provide prompt, accurate responses to their clients.

Tungsten RPA is a robotic process automation platform that automates repetitive, manual, and time-consuming tasks, freeing up employees to focus on more complex tasks that require human intervention.

Tungsten RPA was deployed to save thousands of man hours for XTL Transport Logistics. Our robotic process automation platform automates repetitive, manual, and time-consuming tasks, freeing up XTL's team to focus on more strategic initiatives. Tungsten RPA is designed to be flexible and scalable, so XTL can automate more processes as their business grows.

Below are examples of software robots that CDIT has implemented that can be customized to meet Transport Logistics' specific needs. These robots automate a range of processes related to payment processing, shipment tracking, logistics web application updates, invoicing, and dispatching trucks and drivers at border crossings:

Robot Examples


Accesses a client website account to download payment data, parses the data, and accesses the AS400 to enter the payment details. Similarly, the shipment tracking robot accesses a webmail account to pull down one or more shipment manifest documents, extracts the pertinent information, and accesses the AS400 to enter the shipment details.


Retrieves the customer number from the logistics web app and then inputs it into the AS400 search screen to return results relating to the departures and arrivals of the customer's shipments. This robot specifically targets moving items from an initial status ("Order Created") to a processing status ("In-Transit") to a completed status ("Complete").


Automates the process of invoicing customers through an external web application. It takes generated invoices from a mailbox, extracts information from the PDF, and uploads this to the invoicing web application. It also tracks the status of invoices.


Accesses information from the AS400 system of record and performs a search against a Broker web application that provides updates for the status of a PARS Tracking number, which correlates to the clearance of the border crossing. It also makes use of a database for data record management to check and update the status of border clearance.

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Other Solutions

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